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Depression and congestive heart failure - efficient treatments

What Do You Know about CHF and Depression?

Congestive heart failure is a very common chronic medical problem. Just in the USA, there are some 5 million of people suffering from this medical condition. Another half of a million of Americans get diagnosed every year with the same health problem.

The heart of these patients is unable to supply the blood flow required by the body, so these patients may experience various symptoms. Coughing and shortness of breath are very common among these people, as well as some swelling of the ankles, venous congestion and intolerance to exercise.

CHF, as this disease is also well known may cause slight problems to the person experiencing it, while in some other cases, this may become severely disabling medical problem. People suffering from CHF may be faced with serious lifestyle adjustment to the disease. Many of their normal everyday activities may become compromised or even completely impossible due to the disease they are diagnosed with. CHF patients may get some medications, to decrease the accumulation of the fluid and work of their heart, which can lead to anxiety and tiredness. Also, these patients are advised to change their diet. They should avoid salty and fatty food, and completely cut red meat from the menu. Additionally, doctors may require the limitation of the fluid intake in these people.

Physical condition and abilities are also often significantly lowered in patients suffering from chronic heart failure, as well as their work. In most of the cases, these patients have to stop working because of the disease. All these problems may leave CHF patients feeling very lonely, desperate and inadequate, and many of them have to face depression and anxiety caused by the changes in their lives.

Management of Depression

Depression or anxiety medications are frequently prescribed for people suffering from CHF, to manage psychological problems they have. Alternative treatments that can be used instead of the drugs have become more popular recently. These may include either individual or group counseling or some newer methods, like Erycsonian hypnosis (hypnotherapy), Flash method or neuro-linguistic programming (better known as NLP).

Newer techniques are proven to be less expensive but more efficient for patients coping with depression caused by the chronic heart failure. People reported they learned to relax and find harmony and peacefulness in their normal life, because these techniques strive to teach them how to live to the fullest with the newfound restrictions in their lives.

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