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This problem is associated with the presence of the infection located in the respiratory system. We will focus on this condition in the following text. Once the problem is created, a person experiences the breathing problems. There are several possible causes associated with this condition, but the most common cause of the chest cold is flu virus infection. Also, other things, such as smoke and tobacco, can cause the problem. To the list of potential causes, we can add chemicals and other irritants. The problem of chest cold can last for two weeks and the first problems are felt approximately three days after the infection has entered the body.


There are certain problems that are caused by this infection, and the severity of them usually depends on the severity of the inflammation. This problem can be present among adults and children, and the problems caused among them are pretty much the same. One of the problems that the chest cold causes is the nasal congestion. Once the problem is created, the mucus in the nasal passage starts to gather, which leads to the creation of an obstruction of the nasal passage, and this symptom can be accompanied by the shortness of breath and breathing problems caused by the same reason. This is associated with more serious cases of chest cold. A next symptom is the chest congestion, which can be very discomforting. Person will wheeze because of this, which can also cause chest pain. The mucus we have mentioned also provokes this problem that leads to the bad cough. Also, sometimes the mucus can be expelled and this may be very annoying and embarrassing in certain situations. The most persisting symptom is a bad cough, which remains for 4 to 6 weeks, while other symptoms go away after 1 to 2 weeks. Symptoms like muscle pain, dehydration, weakness, fatigue, headache, chills and grade fever can be experienced. In some cases, children have stated that swallowing causes pain, so this can also happen.


In order to diagnose the chest cold, there are tests that can be done and they include X-rays and throat tests among other. The bacteria can be destroyed with the use of antibiotics if the problem has been caused by them. Also, you can take some painkillers for the fever and pain. The antibiotics can also help with the cough. Also try to drink a lot of broth, juice, water and other fluids, since the medications need to be taken simultaneously with the fluids. Consummation of hot foods is a good idea, since it can reduce the congestion and destroy the bacteria. Humidifiers need to be used since they can break down the annoying mucus. Use them every day two times for a half an hour. Remember that allergens and pollutants can cause the problem, but they can also make the one present worse. So try to keep the contact with them to a minimum.

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