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The cervix is not only a gateway to the uterus as those who have used natural family planning methods and charting know, the cervix is also a gateway to all kinds of useful information about your fertility. If your cervix can tell you where in your cycle you currently are, and if your cervix can tell you whether you are about to give birth late in pregnancy, why would your cervix not be able to also tell you that you are just pregnant?

The cervix changes with every subtle hormonal adjustment. What are the changes your cervix will be going through early during pregnancy, and how can you recognize them? During the luteal phase of a woman's menstrual cycle, after ovulation has taken place, the cervix drops down into the vagina, so it becomes harder for you to reach. Furthermore, the cervix will become small and firm in texture. Some describe it as feeling like the tip of your nose, and that is not wholly inaccurate. At the same time, women can notice a change in the structure and amount of cervical mucus during the second half of their menstrual cycle as well. If an egg was successfully fertilized and you are at the very beginning of early pregnancy, your cervix is sure to change.

However, the timing of this event is not the same for every pregnant woman, and therefore it is difficult to use the changes your cervix is undergoing as a way to determine pregnancy. On the whole, once a woman has conceived, the cervix will become softer and more "squishy", and perhaps increase in size somewhat. Besides that, you might also be able to notice that your cervix will move closer to the entrance of your vagina, so you will easily be able to access it. What do you think? What were your experiences with cervical changes early in pregnancy? Would you like to share?

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