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There are different intensity ofseizures, but if only a minor one occurs such as while swimmingor driving a car, there is chance forserious trouble. Epilepsy, therefore, must be treated by medicationsor even surgery which typicallydecreases occurrenceand strength of seizures or even stops them.


People with epilepsy may endanger one selves as well as others. Injuring yourself by falling whilehaving seizure is one of those situations. Also, people withepilepsy may have seizure while swimming or bathing and drownthemselves. Existenceof driver's licensing restrictions speaks of severity of havingseizure while driving or even working with some machines. If there is pregnancy and at the same time seizure happens, it is danger to themother as it is to the baby. In those cases using medication fortreating epilepsy may harm baby and makes risk to the deformity veryhigh. However having a baby while suffering from epilepsy ispossible, but having consultations with the doctor is a necessity. Thereare some other dangers of having epileptic seizure but they do nothappen too often. Status epilepticus is the condition when seizurehappens one after another or they lasts for more than five minutes or it is the case of persistent,repeatedseizures and if it is the case permanent brain damage and death isa possibility. Sudden unexplained death (SUDEP) is a probabilityin few cases of epilepsy although ratio is very small permanentbrain damage and death may occur.

How to deal with epilepsy

Do not let the epilepsy pressuresyou in every day life. Normal life is possible, and important thingis to learn how to make this possibility part of your life.Introducing your illness to your friends and members of yourfamily and making them understand is very important. If your environment does not have bad reactionto your condition will help a lot. Significant is to live your lifelike nothing strange is happening. The only thing which you must do is go to work not by car but by publictransportation. Do not think about your illness and do not let itrule with your life, be independent as much as possible. If not working from home should be considered.Getting to know other people with the same condition and exchangingexperiences with them could be helpful. Take part in differentactivities like hobbies or socialize in other way.

Introduce people in your environmenthow to handle a seizure if it happens when they are around you.

Teach them the following :

release clothes around the neck.

Carefully roll the person onto a side.

Put something soft under his or her head.

Do not put your fingers or anything else in the person's mouth.

Do not hold down someone who is having a seizure.

Don't attempt to revive the person or to disturb one by shouting at or shaking.

If the person is moving, clear away dangerous objects.

Stay with the person until medical personnel arrives.

Watch the person closely so that you can provide details on what happened.

Time the seizures.

Keep calm and encourage others nearby.

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