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Breathlessness is also known as dyspnoea which means you have a feeling of being very short on your breath. There are many medical conditions that can be associated with breathlessness which will concern the lungs, heart, and some other organs in the body. When you feel breathlessness it can make you feel quite frightened and the carers of you quite distressed. If you do find that you tend to suffer with breathlessness its better to be safe than sorry and go and see your GP so they can rule out any other severe primary conditions that may be present. You may find that the breathlessness you experience is more so when you are taking part in some form of exercise.


The doctor will score the harshness of your breathlessness depending on the amount of goings-on that causes the symptoms. The fourth grade is classed as the worst there is because it means you suffer with breathlessness when resting. The doctor will want to check your heart because there are heart diseases that actually give you breathlessness when lying down.The Development of Breathlessness

Overall there are four chief devices which have the power to make someone feel breathlessness. Firstly reduced oxygen intensities in the blood stream. Secondly, amplified intensities of carbon dioxide in the blood stream. Thirdly, diminished capability of the lung to expand. Lastly, amplified workload connected with standard breathing.

The Common Causes of Breathlessness

Unfortunately sometimes the breathlessness doesn’t just come from the lungs which will make it difficult for the doctors to come to a clear diagnosis. One of the causes of breathlessness is linked to respiratory like an airway obstruction or asthma. With asthma the bronchi are thinner and full of mucous. Another respiratory problem is chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and also emphysema, bronchiectasis is also another cause as well as acute or chronic infections. Lung tumors can also be the culprit causing breathlessness as well as pneumonia. Some other causes of breathlessness can be feeling a pain in the chest or suffering with abnormalities in the abdomen region. Sometimes someone can have clots on their lungs called pulmonary emboli and this can inevitably cause them to suffer with breathlessness. Cardiac reasons for breathlessness include heart failure, mitral valve disease and cardiomyopathy, pericarditis. A well as this, sometimes the heart cause fluid to fill in the lungs. Lung cancer as mentioned before can give the breathlessness symptoms later on in the development of the cancer.

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