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Introduction to castor oil

Castor oil is a pale yellow liquid that comes from castor seeds, and it is often used as an anti-oxidant oil. In fact, it has been used for these purposes for centuries, but it also has other medical benefits.

Most of the oil’s benefits come from its high concentration of unsaturated fatty acids. It does have a strong and unpleasant taste to it, so it is not consumed in food regularly, but it is often used in soaps, textiles, cosmetic and medicines, as well as in many other similar products. Benefits

There are many benefits of castor oil and it can be used both internally and externally. It can strengthen the immune system and has been used to treat many different health problems including; multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, cerebral palsy, arthritis, hair loss, yeast infections, constipation, migraines, sunburn, acne, ringworms, skin abrasions, athlete’s foot, and skin inflammation.

It can also be used to induce labor, however, it is best to consult a doctor in this case, and pregnant women should not take castor oil to induce labor before consulting a medical professional.


Castor oil can be used to treat arthritis-related problems. It can be used, more specifically, as a massage oil for relieving arthritic joints, nerve inflammations and sore muscles. Here is a good remedy and method for relieving arthritis: Make a small pad of cotton, and then dip it in castor oil and place it on the joint that is in pain, and then cover the pad with a plastic wrap. After doing this, place a bottle of hot water or a heating pad on the cotton pad and leave it on for about an hour each day.

The best thing about castor oil in this case is that it can be reused by just putting the pad into a plastic bag and putting it in the refrigerator.

Castor oil is also an excellent constipation remedy. It is a very strong laxative. Just take a teaspoon of castor oil in the morning, you can mix it with some kind of juice to hide the taste, and it should help with relieving constipation very quickly.

However, it should not be taken for more than three days this way. If the constipation continues after three days, it is best to see a doctor about it and stop taking the castor oil entirely.

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