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Pumping breast milk can be a difficult challenge. If you have been trying for ages and are simply not ending up with a lot of milk after a pumping session, it is all to easy to start despairing and thinking that you can simply not pump. Those who persevered all agree that pumping their milk for their baby or babies was worth the hassle, and most notice pumping gets easier as time goes on. These are our best tips for better pumping.

Time matters. Just as most people are more productive in the mornings, evenings, or afternoons, the same holds true for pumping breast milk. Find the time of day that works best for you the time during which you feel relaxed and capable. Do you notice better results? Keep pumping at that time of day. Think about your baby while you are pumping. Visualize that your baby is breastfeeding, and think about a crying, hungry baby. When I was breastfeeding, all it would take for my milk to come running out (sometimes at inconvenient moments, like on the bus!) was a random crying baby. Is the last tip not enough for you? Try pumping from one breast while nursing your baby at the other! Start pumping as soon after giving birth as you can! This way, you build up a reserve of pumped milk, and increase your milk supply. Because pumping gets easier with practice, practicing is a must! Not all pumps are created equal. It would be best if you could try out a few (try the La Leche League for that!), but at least read up about them. If you will be exclusively pumping, investing in a good quality double pump will make the job a lot easier. Do what you need to do to be relaxed while you pump. Read a book, surf the net... whatever works for you!

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