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Nursing and common facts

Having nursing in mind, there exists quite a number of factors that can affect one’s choice related to the nursing actions in general, as well as how a person in question sets the ground for nursing and later on keeps it in balance and under proper control. Finally, they also affect one’s decision in terms of the duration of nursing as such. However, a person is constantly surrounded by a number of people who, in their desire to be helpful, practically bomb the person with numerous pieces of advice that they regard most important. This, of course, creates quite a lot of unwanted pressure and is something that each person tries to avoid. But even in case one trusts facts, conclusion acquired through experience and self-research, these still fall into the category of those externally influenced ones.

This is, however, not to say that people tend to disregard the advice and recommendations they get from their most immediate family members and friends, but simply that there exists a number of myths related to breastfeeding, which should not be taken for granted at any cost. This is why, in case a person wants to accept certain advice and adhere to it, the best and most suitable source would be somebody who had already been in such a situation and had experienced everything a person is going through at that particular moment. The claim in question is also valid even when it comes to the supposedly sound medical advice as well. Furthermore, certain doctors and nurses are in possession of quite a substantial knowledge regarding breastfeeding and it is exactly such people that prove to be most helpful in providing a person with those pieces of advice and recommendations that are more than beneficial.

Who to turn to and who and what to avoid?

If a person seeks only the most beneficial and confirmed advice and recommendations, the following must be taken into consideration:

Information and recommendations put forth by companies that manufacture formula are not exactly the ones who have the best of baby’s interests in mind when making any of the claims. Disregard the information acquired from a specific magazine that abounds in ads and is also heavily reliable upon ads coming from formula companies and manufacturers. All the pieces of information need to be shared between partners, for it may turn out that one partner knows something that may prove quite beneficial, and something the other partner may be completely unaware of at the moment. Remember, two heads think much better one.

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