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London is perhaps the foodie's paradise, because restaurants from all over the world can be found there offering pretty much anything. Whether you want Indian food, Chinese, Korean, African... fast food, slow food, or deserts, you bet you can find it in the British capital! But breast milk ice cream? That might sound a bit too eccentric, even for London. Yet one ice cream shop, the Icecreamists in Covent Garden, is selling exactly that from now on. Is breast best for ice cream too?

It's obvious that the shop's latest ice cream, called Baby Gaga, is nothing but a really, really clever marketing ploy. It worked like a dream; news of the special breast milk ice cream has been reported all over the world, by reputable news agencies. But what does this ice cream taste like? Madagascan vanilla pods and lemon zest come together with the milk of breastfeeding mothers, who responded to a Mumsnet ad. Sounds quite yummy, actually. It's also a very pricey ice cream, at 12 pounds a go (that's $23!). "What could be more natural than fresh, free-range mother's milk in an ice cream? And for me it's a recession beater too - what's the harm in using my assets for a bit of extra cash," one of the donating mothers said.

I've heard of mothers on a natural parenting forum I belong to making their own ice cream with frozen breast milk before, but isn't selling this commercially a bit... weird? Would you pay for this? Will the new flavor attract adventurists, traditional foods freaks, or just fetishists? We guess only the Icecreamists owner, Mat O'Connor, knows the full story. If you're in London, you can pop over and have a taste of the ice cream. For everyone else, you can always make it yourself, or then there's Ben and Jerry's! Want to read more about breastfeeding? For more serious topics, read can you have IVF while breastfeeding?, and early pregnancy symptoms while breastfeeding.

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