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You have decided that it is time to stop with the breastfeedingof your child. But, how to explain it to a small child that is always in the questfor your breast and won't take a no for an answer? It can be very difficult fora mother and a child as well. There are many ways that can help you stop thebreastfeeding, and it is up to you to decide which one is the best for you and your child.

Separation from a child

If you ask experienced women who have passed through itwith their children, you will get several different answers. Some of themethods that have been used are potentially dangerous as they may harm you andyour child. It has been a practice to wean your child from breastfeeding bymaking a vacation from your child. In that way, you won’t be able to hear it’scrying and looking for his mother. But, this method can cause a long-lastingconsequence and it is not proved to be effective. This is so because thechild won’t forget the breastfeeding, and once your return, it will ask to bebreastfed again. Secondly, you think that you are spending some time away from yourchild, but it thinks that you have deserted it. It is important not tounderestimate child`s feelings. Every child has a threshold of how long it can endure his mothers absence and after that period of time it can start mourningthe loss of its mother. This method causes severe psychological consequences to the child and your relationship mother-child can be impaired. So, our suggestionis to avoid this method for weaning from breastfeeding.

Change of the milk`s taste

Another method that is considered to be fast and easy is tochange that sweet taste of milk by putting something that isn’t so tastefulon a nipple. There is a foul tasting liquid that can be bought and that mothers usein the weaning from breastfeeding. Even during the history, the similar methodswere used when mothers placed on their nipples chili-pepper sauce, or mustard, or something else. But this method also carries along some danger. Firstly, itmay cause imbalance in the intestinal tract of a child and it can be painfulfor the mother. Some children don’t find the taste of the milk so sweet if the motheris pregnant with the next child. Our nature is programmed that while preparingfor the arrival of a new child, the milk changes and decreases in its flow. Ignoring a child’s crying is another method but it is verydifficult for a mother. Sometimes it is probably the best way to stop thebreastfeeding. The only important thing is to be persistent and after some timethe child will stop asking for it.

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