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Macular degeneration and the main characteristics

Macular degeneration is the medical term that is used to describe the deterioration of the layer of the tissue in the central part of the retina. This layer tissue is called macula, and the condition results in the loss of vision in this part of the visual field. Macular degeneration is much more typical of older adults, particularly those over 50 years, but the fact is that this condition may affect younger people as well. Still, the term refers to the condition that is related to age, and it has two forms, wet and dry.

The main consequence of this condition is blurred vision, but since, it results in impossibility to read or recognize faces, the range of everyday activities that can be performed is seriously limited. The real cause of dry macular degeneration is not known, but it certainly has something to do with the aging process of the eye, which is why people should pay a visit to the specialist as soon as they notice some changes in their central vision, or when they notice that they cannot see colors or fine details clearly. Besides age, factors that make people more susceptible to this condition are sex, since women are at a bit higher risk, family history of macular degeneration, smoking, obesity, poor diet and diet that does not include fruits and vegetables, increased blood pressure and level of cholesterol. All this implies the importance of the healthy lifestyle and eating habits.

How to teat macular degeneration?

Macular degeneration can be diagnosed through various tests and examinations, and once the correct diagnosis is set, the doctor will suggest the adequate macular degeneration treatment. It should be clear that there is no cure for this condition, but there are some steps that can slow down the progression of the disease. Even in cases in which the disease is already in an advanced stage, the vision can be improved by implanting a telescopic lens in an eye. In order for this to be done, a surgery is needed, and the telescopic lens will improve distance vision and the close-up vision at the same time. Still, having in mind all the problems that the person will experience sooner or later if suffering from macular degeneration, it is highly suggested to do everything possible in order to prevent it. Routine exams of the eyes are one of the most significant steps, besides leading healthier life.

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