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People unable to cope up with the life's hardships and difficult problems sometimes have suicidal thoughts. Suicide seems to be the best solution to them as stressful and inevitable situations continue.

The tragic feeling is worsened by inability to find solutions to numerous problems they come across in daily life. When the first signs of suicidal thoughts appears the best way is to react immediately and give the victim support and if things become worse provide him with adequate medications and treatment.

Underlying causes of becoming suicidal mostly determine which treatment to undergo. In serious situations, suicide attempts, a person have to be hospitalized and be given urgent medical care. During this attempt a person may have hurt himself so he needs to be taken care of. Important thing is to have someone by his side all the time because suicidal thoughts and attempt can reoccur. Potentially harmful objects have to be out of reach for this person. A doctor who will try and determine the cause of a suicide attempted by asking a number of personal questions related to mental and psychological issues.

When a doctor defines potential problems and underlying causes, he or she may prescribe certain medications to ease anxiety and depression. A decision on hospitalizing is made: if a person has attempted suicide for several times, if a person used drugs or alcohol excessively in the past or still uses, if a person is psychotic and delusional, if there are indications of mental illness, if a person does not have family or friends to turn to support or if his behavior is impulsive and unpredictable.

In all of these situations, a doctor will keep a suicidal patient in the hospital until symptoms ease and disappear so that a doctor is sure that a patient will not do anything similar. During the stay in hospital, a patient goes to session therapies, if the doctor prescribes it, or visits specialists, does medical examinations and takes prescribed medicines.

However, if a person has suicidal thoughts but does not attempt suicide and is not critical he or she may be treated outside hospital. In this case, psychotherapies will be included in the treatment. A patient visits therapists, talks about his thoughts and problems and they together try to find the way out. A doctor may prescribe antidepressants, anti-anxiety medications to manage moods and thoughts of suicidal people. If a person has abused drugs or alcohol they may be sent to addiction programs and even rehabilitation centers or detoxification procedures.

Besides medical care, a person has to have someone for encouragement and support. Family and friends have to understand what is this person going through so that they can include themselves in the treatment. It is essential to have someone for support and not leave the suicidal person alone.

Frequent conversations can help them realize how serious their problem is. If they are unwilling to seek for medical attention, close friends and family can help them overcome the problem and eventually help them find a good specialist.

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