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We will talk about the fetal doppler device. This device tracks small high frequency sound waves reflecting the fetal heart. The process will require the application of ultrasound lotion oil or water in order to aid the device in detecting the sound waves. They are supposed to be applied on the mother's belly. The device, once it hears the sound, processes it and enhances in order to be detectable by humans. This sound will then be transmitted thought the earphone and we will be able to hear it.

Is it Safe?

There has been a lot of talking about weather this device is safe for the mother and they baby and it has been concluded that this device has not caused a single complication or side effect during the 30 years of use. So be assured that there are no possible negative effects associated with fetal doppler. But know that before using this device you will need to see and consult a doctor.

One of the factors that can prevent the baby's heartbeat from being detected is the position of the baby. So if this happens, you should wait for a while and after some, time try again. If you have problems or any questions contact the technical service.

Distinguishing the Baby's Heartbeat

The term that can describe the heartbeat of a baby is a galloping horse "clippety-clop" sound, since the babies have a much faster heartbeat than adults. Logically, if you detect a slower heart rate, it is a heart rate of an adult. The blood flow can also be heard via fetal doppler and it is described as a swishing sound. When we talk about the number of heartbeats a baby's heart should have, the number ranges from 120 to 160 beats per minute.

You will require special lotion in order to use the fetal doppler and in the packaging box you will get a 2oz tube of special lotion, which you can order if you run out of it. Vitamin E oil, mineral oil and body lotion can also be used in this purpose.

Red Light

If this light is turned on, the probe and the doppler may be disconnected, so you should check this first. Also, the battery may have run out if the light is red or blinking green. You will require a 9 volt battery to run the fetal doppler. The battery will also have to be replaced if the LCD display is flashing. There is an option of renting and buying this device. You can rent it for as long as you want and the charges will be paid upon the delivery. Also, if you decide to buy the fetal doppler, the rental fees apply to the purchase of this device.

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