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Nowadays, more and more people are interested in various aphrodisiacs. Many years ago the situation was different but nowadays people are more interested in the off-the-shelf formulations than the traditional uncertain sexual stimulants.

The history of aphrodisiacs

It is the likes of Cialis who have taken over the world of aphrodisiacs. In the past, the most famous aphrodisiacs were used in the days of Cleopatra, Roman and Mhugal. After that period, people have been using all sort of things. For instance, hot concoctions with garlic, red chilies and a whole bunch of various animal parts were used for one purpose and that is to stimulate the right erection. However, like most things, the aphrodisiacs have also changed over time. Before the off-the-shelf pills there were various traditional recipes of stimulants. A number of these recipes worked while others needed a lot of time to start working. Some, on the other hand, had no effect whatsoever. Nowadays, people simply need to take a pill some time before the sexual intercourse and they are ready to go. Anti-impotence drug companies use a certain mantra “pop a pill and go on it”.

Real or fake?

There is a vast number of aphrodisiacs nowadays on the market. There are lots of companies that create fake and counterfeit products but they go parallel with the original stuff. This is why people still do not trust that these products will work. This is the reason why the genuineness and availability of traditional herbal products has never stopped being a doubtful proposition.

There is a certain herb called Hoodia and it comes from Africa. It takes eight years for this herb to become ripe and ready for use. A lot of experts claim that this particular herb can successfully treat the problem of erectile dysfunction. This problem is very common among men. However, the problem is that a person can easily find various companies and people who sell this herb online. A lot of people have bought these products because they are cheap have also reported that they have been scammed. A fair number of sellers over the net will most likely send some herb that is not Hoodia.

Apart from Hoodia, there is another African herb know as Maca and lots of companies use it in their supplements. Every study done have said that the herb is 100% effective.

The only problem with these herbal anti-impotence formulations is that they do not have the same effects on every person.

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