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There are a lot of people who suffer from epilepsy all over the world. Nowadays, there are a lot more possible treatments than there were some years ago and that is all thanks to the modern seizure medicines. It was a lot harder for people to treat this ailment because they had to look for various herbs and combinations of herbs that would help them control the ailment.

The herbs that people used were not always effective and there were not that many of them. They cannot be compared to the medicines that the doctor prescribes nowadays. Even though there are certain herbs that help a lot in certain situations, people need to know that herbal medicine is not 100% safe just because it is natural.

This does not mean that people should avoid at all cost herbal remedies, it just means that the experts are still unsure of all of the effects of herbs that they have on a person. There was not enough research done with herbal medicine due to the fact that testing a potential medication in a controlled way in large number of people is far from cheap.

Why is it hard to use herbs to treat epilepsy?

One of the main problems why people cannot use certain herbs is because the herbs that are being sold are not well standardized in the United States. A person would not know which forms, dosages and combinations to apply. As long as the manufacturer does not claim that the herb will prevent or cure a certain condition, the herb will only be considered as a supplement. Another problem is that a person who suffers from epilepsy may experience certain side effects from a certain herb that is safe for most people without epilepsy. Some herbs are even known to increase the chance of a seizure. Other herbs are known to interact with the medications prescribed by the doctor.

How should people start with herbal medicine?

The first thing that a person who wishes to try herbal medicine for epilepsy should do is learn as much as he or she can about the herbs. People should not rely only on what others have told them. People should use the internet and various books in order to find the answers.

Involving the doctor

People should talk to a doctor about all the information they have gathered and any seizures or other side effects they might be experiencing. A person needs to get a clearance from the doctor about using herbal medicine along with regular one and he or she should never substitute herbal medicine for regular one.

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