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Antifreeze Characteristics

This liquid is used in car engines orsimilar machines. What it does is cooling of the engine and removingheat when outer conditions are warm or hot, or prevent freezing ofthe liquids inside the engine when outer conditions are likely tocause it. Therefore, this liquid has no other purposes than inindustry and with means of transportation or work. Nevertheless,small children and pets often get poisoned after consuming this toxicsubstance. They do it because of the sweet taste this liquidpossesses. Therefore, lured by the taste, they get poisoned and theirlives become potentially endangered as antifreeze, when consumed, may even belethal. Interestingly, this liquid only becomes poisonous after beingdegraded in liver. Then, it is able to inflict serious liverand kidney damage, among other things.

Symptoms of Antifreeze Poisoning

When poisoned by antifreeze one goesthrough several stages, each one worse than the one before it. Thefirst stage involves being in a state similar to alcoholintoxication. Therefore, the main symptoms of this stage are nausea,dizziness, uncoordinated movements and slurred speech as well as vomiting. In worst case scenarios, one may even fall into a coma,once exposed to this state long enough. This, initial stage ofantifreeze poisoning happens during the first 12 hours of exposure.

After a period of 12 to 24 hours ofgetting poisoned by this liquid symptoms gradually get worse.At this stage, one suffers from hypertension, increased heart rateand severe muscle spasms. Hyperventilation is also a sign here, andthe victim may experience his or her organs to cease functioning.This stage, unless one is administered with antidotes for theconsumed poison, can very easily be fatal.

The final stage involves the toxingetting into all parts of body. This happens after the firstday of exposure to the poison. Here, kidneys are affected themost, manifesting through inability to urinate, and blood inurine beforehand. Taking into consideration that kidneys are atstake here, one may feel pain in his or her lower back as well.

Possible Treatment

Once you have noticed the symptoms, orhave seen someone drinking antifreeze, take him to the doctor'simmediately. Timely action is crucial in order for one to besuccessfully cured. You need to know the type of the antifreezeconsumed, the time of the accident and other important data, valuablefor the doctor. After examining the patient and establishing theamount of poison consumed, he or she prescribes the right treatment.It can be treated with dialysis, stomach washing, medications, orsome other approaches.

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