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How Does Benzene Poisoning Occur?

When a person is exposed to dangerous chemical benzene it may lead to very serious condition known as benzene poisoning. Benzene is a carcinogen that is used in variety of products. It is used in gasoline, cigarettes, detergents, plastic, soft drinks, explosives and other products. Benzene is also naturally found in crude oil and volcanic emission. It normally comes in a liquid form and it is typically colorless or light yellow. Benzene poisoning can lead to cancer and other diseases as well. Benzene can be inhaled or ingested if a person is exposed to high levels of this chemical. Poisoning may also occur if benzene comes in contact with the skin.

Benzene Poisoning EffectsBenzene poisoning affects people’s health in a number of different ways. Common effects that occur after exposure to benzene are sleepiness and fatigue. Rapid heartbeat, headaches, confusion and unconsciousness are some of the other common symptoms of benzene poisoning. Benzene damages the bone marrow that produces red and white blood cells, and platelets. That leads to many blood diseases such as leukopenia, anemia and thrombocytopenia. Exposure to benzene can also cause leukemia, lymphoma and other cancers. Acute benzene poisoning occurs when a person is exposed to high level of the chemical for short period of time. It can affect nervous system and lead to dizziness, excitement, headache, nausea, fatigue, insomnia, flushed face, and slurred speech. Significant levels of exposure to benzene can cause death.

How can Benzene Poisoning be Avoided?

To prevent benzene poisoning one should stay away from areas with high levels of benzene. Also, products that contain the chemical should not be consumed. If you work around benzene you cannot avoid exposure but you can reduce it by wearing a protection mask. However, if you have been exposed to this chemical, you should take several steps such as breathing fresh air, removing contaminated clothes, washing the contaminated area with water and soap, seeking medical help if the exposure was serious.

Treatment for Benzene Poisoning

Benzene poisoning is incurable as well as the disease caused by it. On the other hand, there are some treatments available for those who have been exposed to benzene either for short or long term. Blood tests can reveal if exposure to benzene has impacted you health. All in all, you have to follow steps mentioned above in case of the exposure to minimize the risk of medical problems.

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