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Anorexia and the most important facts

Anorexia nervosa is a medical term that describes one typeof eating disorder. The main characteristics of people who suffer from thisdisorder are obsessions with their weight and food that they eat. Their goal isto obtain and maintain weight that is not at all normal for their age, genderand height, which is why they are ready to starve themselves and to exercisebeyond the limits. However, this condition is not all about the food, but theroot of it is related to some kind of emotional problem. Generally, people whosuffer from anorexia have problems with self-esteem and in their minds, beingthin is what they think is necessary for the sense of self-worth. It isnecessary to recognize the symptoms before it is too late, because if thiscondition is left untreated, it will most certainly have fatal outcomeeventually. The sooner the treatment begins the better the chances of not havingto deal with serious consequences for the rest of the life are.

Anorexic diet tips

Since it is very difficult to treat this problem, besidesthe fact that the help of psychiatrist is necessary, the help of nutritionistis needed as well. Both specialists have to be included in the process of thetreatment because only with their help the treatment is complete. When itcomes to the diet, it is necessary to make sure that the blood levels of sugarare appropriate, which is why it is necessary to take certain amounts of chromiumfor a period of time that the nutritionist finds enough.

Since the bowels have suffered a blow as well, their workneeds to be regulated, which is why magnesium will have to be taken, again inamounts and for the period that the nutritionist finds appropriate. This mineralwill also have beneficial influence on the nervous system that was undersignificant stress. Digestion has to be corrected as well and for a start, thepatient will have to consume foods that contain a lot of fiber, which meanslots of fruits and vegetables. B-complex supplements and the supplements of vitamin E willhelp in regulating and balancing the levels of hormones, but the nervous systemwill also benefit from them. Since the organism has been deprived of zinc for some time, it isnecessary to provide it in sufficient amounts either through supplements orthrough food rich in this element (nuts, peas, seafood, seeds).

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