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Ankle sprain is a common injury. It affects both, athletes and people who are not engaged in any kind of sport activities. This is not considered a serious injury since the damage only affects soft tissues around the ankle and there is no fracture of the underlying bones. However, it has to be taken seriously and treated properly.

Ankle Sprain Recovery Time

There are several factors that influence recovery after ankle sprain. The most important ones are the extent of an injury, amount of swelling, type of initial care and rehabilitation.

It is impossible to control the extent of injury. In some cases sprain is minor while in others it affects many structures in the foot. In some cases the extent of the injury can be reduced. This particularly refers to athletes who always perform proper warming-up and sometimes wear prophylactic bracing. This way the severity of the injury can be a bit reduced. All sprains are graded on a 1-3 scale and the recovery for grade 3 is the longest. In case a sprain becomes a chronic problem a patient may even require a surgical repair. Third degree sprain may take up 8 to 12 weeks to heal properly.

Swelling also affects the recovery after a sprain. It may need a long time to withdraw completely and it tends to linger in case the tissue is more damaged. If the injured area has been treated with ice and cold compresses the extent of swelling and subsequent recovery may reduce.

One more factor that influences the recovery after ankle sprain is a type of the initial care. It is essential to initially treat all grades of ankle sprain correctly. Only this way the injury will not become recurrent. In order for healing to be successful the initial care must include RICE principles.

And finally, a rehabilitation is one of the most significant segments of a proper healing after ankle sprain. It contributes to strengthening of the injured muscles and restores all the movements of the ankle. The doctor decides when it is the most convenient time for a patient to engage in a physical therapy.

How to Cope with Ankle Sprain Pain?

The injury is accompanied with pain that exists from the very start and may linger for a while. Even though the pain caused by an ankle sprain can subside with rest, elevation of the injured leg as well as cold compresses one certainly needs pain relieving medications. They are usually prescribed by a doctor and patients take them until the pain completely subsides. It is essential not to abuse such drugs and only to take them when necessary. In majority of cases the pain is alleviated with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications. They are effective against both, the pain and the swelling.

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