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Remember the once controversial Martha Stewart? Well, her daughter Alexis Stewart, who co-hosts the TV show Whatever with Alexis and Jennifer on the Hallmark Channel, is going to try to become a mother through surrogacy. After a long battle with infertility, and after a divorce, Alexis is now hopes to finally turn her dream of having a baby into a reality with a surrogate and donor sperm. Good for you, Alexis! We hope you make it happen.

While Alexis' rep said no more than they will not "comment on personal matters", sources close to the TV host confirmed that "Alexis has decided on having a baby via a surrogate, and Martha is fully supportive". Before, Alexis Steward already announced that she had been trying to get pregnant through IVF (also using anonymous sperm donation) at a whopping rate of $27,000 a month, and that for two years! Alexis divorced attorney John Cutti, who was according to her "completely ambivalent" about having children, in 2004. Since then, she decided that having a child, and being a mother, was what was most important to her. When IVF did not work after three months, her doctor suggested giving up and attempting with donated eggs instead, over and over again.

Alexis Stewart did not feel like following her doctor's advice to "not bother" and fired him. She has been really desperate to become a mother, and that is something that lots of women can relate to. At SteadyHealth, we are no different and we wish Alexis all the best on her surrogacy adventure. She'd like to have two kids, and perhaps surrogacy and donor sperm will make her wish come true, and make her a single mother by choice. Alexis said: "My mom's just desperate. She has wanted grandchildren forever . . . She's always like, 'For my birthday, I would like you to be pregnant.' And I'm like, 'Me, too!'"

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