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Yes, I know the headline does sound a bit shocking, but hey the reality is shocking. Surrogate motherhood is not only the latest trend in US, but in India too. The money is good, there is nothing else to do so, be a mother. This is one of the ways out of the poverty, but also a chance for childless couples to become parents The money is good in US it goes up to several thousand dollars, some sources claim that $25,000 goes to surrogates while the agencies charge couples between $30,000 and $45,000 per a child. In India the situation is a bit different: women shall be paid up to 20.000 rupees. Do you know the conversion? No? 20.000 rupees is almost 500 dollars.

Woman has to volunteer for some interviews and a few tests and if everything goes well she is ready to rent a womb. According to city doctors, there are many couples who are willing to decide for surrogacy. There are several reasons for that, and besides repetitive IVF failures, one of the most popular excuses is we have no time . You have no time? And how do you plan to find a time for your child? Oh, right, you will outsource motherhood too? Sorry for my outburst, but answers like this are just creepy. We are all busy no one has the time, but if you are healthy and capable to carry your pregnancy, you should do so without excuses of being too busy.

On the other hand, situation for women from poor families is much different they do have the time, but don t have the money, so the surrogacy option comes very handy for them. Women from poor families often decide for surrogacy. Egg donors are paid around $500 and a woman is allowed to donate twice a year. Biological parents are the one responsible for taking care of surrogate mother medical expenses. Of course, biological parents have the possibility to choose surrogate mother: everyone wants healthy and educated woman, and sometimes a demand goes up to being vegetarian. Agencies can provide women like that too, but they do charge additional $500 for vegetarian surrogate mothers.

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