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Information on Cinnamon

Bark of the cinnamon tree has been used for various culinaryand medicinal purposes for numerous centuries. The tree is an evergreen type oftree and it comes from the family known by the name of lauraceae. Its bark isdark brown and when dried it can be purchased in the form of ground powder orquills. The cinnamon tree originates from Sri Lanka and it is rather expensive.The cassia cinnamon is its cheaper counterpart and it is the one commonly foundon the market. It is also sometimes referred to as the Indonesian or Chinesecinnamon. The expensive variety is characterized by a sweet taste and the quillswhich are much lighter and softer. Numerous studies have shown that cinnamoncan be used for various medicinal purposes. Many people use cinnamon for suchpurposes, and the most popular method is to use cinnamon in the form ofsupplements.

Cinnamon Supplement Benefits

The mankind had used cinnamon for various medicinal purposesever since the ancient times, but it was always used mostly as a flavoringagent or a condiment. Numerous scientific studies have shown that cinnamon canbe used for various therapeutic purposes as a very potent herbal remedy.Cinnamon is known for its very potent anti-clotting properties, which meansthat it is very important in preventing unnecessary clumping of blood plateletsin the circulatory system. This is all due to a substance known by the name ofcinnaldehyde. Cinnamon can be used for the prevention and treatment of variousdifferent sorts of medical conditions which commonly affect the digestivesystem and those include diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, flatulence, upset stomachand so on. One of the most important health benefits of cinnamon supplements isthat they are very efficient in boosting the immune system. Cinnamon also hasvery powerful antimicrobial qualities so it can be very beneficial inpreventing the growth of numerous different sorts of harmful fungi andbacteria. Due to the presence of hydroxychalone it can come in very handy whenit comes to increasing insulin sensitivity and regulating the levels of sugarin the blood. It can also be used for the treatment of common cold and cough.Other applications include the treatment of toothaches, arthritis, painfulmenstruations and increased levels of cholesterol in the blood.

Cinnamon Supplement Side Effects

Excessive amounts of cinnamon supplements may be affiliatedwith kidney and liver damage in some cases. Pregnant and breastfeeding women, diabetics and all those who sufferfrom serious medical conditions should not use cinnamon supplements.

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