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Facts and figures

When it comes to the abortion rates, not many people are aware to what extent they are a part of ourdaily existence. As a matter of fact, only those people whose job it is toactually pay attention and keep record of this “phenomenon” are aware of it. Therefore, withouttheir indirect pointing out to this growing concern, people would probably noteven be fully aware of its presence and gravity it is accompanied with. All thistranslated into numbers gives us the following picture of abortion today:

On a yearly basis, no lessthan 1.6 million cases are recorded On a monthly basis, this equals as muchas 130.000 casesWeekly statistics tell us that thisgrowing concern is present in our daily reality with staggering 30,000 casesDaily rate is 4,400With hourly rate being 180Minute-rate 4 andIn term of seconds, one in every 15seconds

In order to bringthis even closer to the greatest majority of people, this means that, on ayearly basis, one city such as Houston or the State of Nebraska would disappearcompletely, leaving nothing behind them but the empty and desolate constructionand architectural edifice.

If we turn back andlook over our shoulders, history-wards, what we will come face to face is thefact that since the year 1973, the number of abortion cases has increased andreached a concerning and staggering number of 35 millions - on the soil of the United States of Americaalone. In addition, approximately 7% of all the instances of abortion werepotentially dangerous to the mother in question. Around 1% of cases were adirect consequence of either rape or incest, and as much as 43% of casesinvolved these women who have already undergone either one or two or even more abortions inthe course of their lives.

What is even moreconcerning and terrifying is that the number of the abortion cases in general hastranscended the total number of “live-births” by one third of a number. And tomake the matter even graver, as much as one fourth of the entire number ofpregnancy instances are brought to a completion by induced abortions on the soil of the United States of America only.

If we take, for example, every eight months as a referential point, it can safely be said that the abortionskill as many newborns as it is the entire population of such cities asIndianapolis.

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