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Tamanu oil for acne

This specific type of oil has fairly quickly become one of the primary choices of people when it comes to fighting acne, and all this due to its evident efficiency and numerous benefits it offers. In addition, it has also proven its powers in aiding a person fight off and defeat various other skin related issues, conditions and illnesses.

The exotic plant

Tamanu is a plant native to Southeast Asia. When it comes to the oil itself, it is extracted from a tamanu nut fruit and is employed for various medicinal purposes. Its wide range of beneficial effects includes remedying such ailments as different skin related issues and conditions, given the fact that it is endowed with soothing and softening characteristics. In addition, it is also famous for its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial powers, which is essential when it comes to relieving and relaxing muscles that have been harmed, as well as when it comes to different skin related problems that cause a lot of ache and pain. Traditional uses of this particular oil includes primarily treating such conditions as sciatica, shingles, rheumatism, neuralgia, leprous neuritis and alike. Having all the above mentioned in mind, it is no wonder that the oil in question has been increasingly employed not only in medicine, but in cosmetic industry as well.

In practice

Solution for acne – as people already know, at the bottom of acne outbreak there can lie numerous conditions such as imbalance in hormones, various digestive issues, improper nutrition and nutritional deficiencies, stress and alike. Also, one can come in touch with quite a number of anti-acne solutions that abound in unwanted chemicals that only tend to worsen the condition, and it is here that the tamanu oil steps in as a savior with its qualities and benefits. Also, this oil is quite effective in decreasing the overall scarring.

Solution for acne psoriasis – this condition is known to induce the occurrence of red skin patches, primarily in such parts of the body as elbows, knees, hands, as well as all over the person’s body in those quite serious cases. The oil in question aids a person free him/herself from this quite unbearable and painful skin ailment.

Solution for acne burns – which are yet another mishap that tamanu oil can provide the cure for. Its soothing effects, as well as healing characteristics make it a perfect remedy for burns, and also sun induced burns. Furthermore, this oil is known to have the ability to fade the burn marks, and give the skin tone that irresistible light tone. 

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