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It happens is Canada, one the countries with the highest level of human right protection. Female circumcision an alarming reality and it happens now and today to young girls without the voice. Female genital mutilation (FGM), have spread beyond their tribal roots, but just because this practice has a cultural basis doesn't overrule the fact that it blatantly ignores a woman's right to control her own body. In my opinion human right to control his or her own body is above the cultural or religious reasons The procedure is barbaric, I could call it a horror story and since most of the countries prohibited female genital mutilation, FGM moved to underground, which makes the situation even worse.

The horrific procedures are done without medical training, without sterilization and without anaesthesia. The barbaric procedure can lead to serious health consequences, and one of them is infertility. The FGM can cause obstruction of the flow of urine and menstrual blood. It can cause serious health consequences such as tumors, abscesses, cysts, HIV, hepatitis etc. Sexual dysfunction is the long term effect, but unfortunately not the only one. Sexual dysfunction is often accompanied by depression, sometimes even sterility. Urinary tract infections and various gynecological and obstetric problems are a common problem in women who have been mutilated. Some might say this is not of our business, that we don't understand the culture and it is not of our business what is going on behind the closed doors.

Some might even defend the practice to be a representative of passage and the transition into womanhood. We must be aware that practice like this reinforces negative stereotypes. It makes women more dependent on men. Although male circumcision cannot fairly be compared to FGM in which there are no health benefits occurring from FGM and actually serious health risks, I feel the same about mutilation of boys and male babies. They are being helplessly forced into having parts of their genitalia cut off.

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