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Wrinkle creams, but for men

Despite the fact that this particular type of crème has been, so far, mostly and primarily purchased and employed by women worldwide, and it has also been advertised as a woman product, the number of men taking up this particular tradition of fighting against wrinkles has been growing all the time. On the other hand, because it has been for so long the sole property of women, even those men who are using the anti-wrinkle creams are still not ready to step out of the closet.

What has an increasing number of wrinkle cream manufacturers been pointing out lately is that more and more men are starting to use their products. Translated into numbers, this boils down to the astonishing 20%. But once urged to talk about it in public, only as little as 5% of men are ready to openly admit it. This points out to one thing – men are extremely shy and embarrassed to openly admitting that they do employ these creams in their battle against wrinkles.


One of the most evident reasons for male secrecy is perhaps the unfounded fear coming from the “fact” that employing skin and other beauty products is in a way the trademark of women, as well as gay people. Even though it is, more or less, a fact that people who declare themselves as gay certainly use such products to a greater extent, the fact still remains that in case a man, who is not declaring himself as a member of the gay population, uses such products is not automatically “becoming” the full fledged member. Another in line of most likely reasons behind this is that men are considered to be worried about looking older so much less than women. Also the growing urge and need to blend in with the crowd might be another factor that has influenced men worldwide not to make their secret public.

Well, as we have noticed so far, almost all the commercials related to the anti-wrinkle creams have been and still are somehow targeted at women solely, and this is the strategy that just about all manufacturers have been employing when it comes to advertising and taking over this particular market. The opinion of many experts is that what these messages are trying to convey on a psychological level to the male population is that members of the opposite sex are actually the only ones who prefer taking some steps in bringing this growing concern under control. What experts also think is that by doing this, manufacturers, also encourage men to treat this as some kind of a secret that must not be revealed and made public at any cost.

But this should not be perceived as so solely because if a man looks after his own overall health (including his skin health), that does not makes him in no way less manly, but only healthier.

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