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If you sometimes feel like Facebook has taken over the world, you're not alone. At times, communicating through Facebook is just easier and quicker than taking the time to connect with friends in real life. Most people appear to use Facebook in this day and age, to keep up with their friends, to network professionally and... to announce their pregnancies?

An online study last year indicated that around five percent of kids under two, including fetuses, have "their own" Facebook page, operated by their parents. Now, a story about unborn Marriah Greene and her Facebook page is sweeping the web.

CNN, KLTV, the British newspaper the Daily Mail and others all jumped on the story of a couple, Matt and Ellie Greene, who decided that the best way to announce they were expecting a baby in the 21st century was to set up a Facebook account for her. Marriah Greene's Facebook page includes 4D ultrasound pictures, and "first person" updates on how the fetus is kicking and doing summersaults. The Greenes' unborn baby has over a hundred friends on Facebook, who regularly interact with her as if she were writing the messages herself.

What do others have to say about this? Some think it's a great and creative way to keep people up to date with a pregnancy. Others think it is silly but harmless fun. And then there are those who point out that Facebook is not supposed to be used under 13 including fetuses! One comment a reader left in response to the Daily Mail article warned about the dangerous of spending too much time with a laptop on your pregnant belly as Ellie Greene was doing in the pictures CNN published. What do you think about the latest Facebook craze? Would you create a Facebook page for your fetus to share the happy news of your pregnancy? Or do you prefer to announce your pregnancy in more a old-fashioned way?

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