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Trying to seek for the reason of your constant anxiousness can even make things worse. It is better to treat it properly with the help of professionals and that way you will start to feel better and eventually defeat your anxiety.

About anxiety

People can experience different types of anxiety, but every type is associated with some kind of fear. Usually people are afraid that they are going to lose control over themselves. However, certain stressful events in life can result in some form of anxiety. Sometimes, people tend to expect negative outcomes and anticipate that something wrong will happen, which can only make them more susceptible to anxiety disorders. Negative thoughts can be controlled, but it takes time and practice to learn how to do that. Individuals who suffer from anxiety disorders during panic attacks usually think that they are going to die, pass out or do something terrible, but there are no objective reasons to think so. It can sound a bit silly to someone who has no problem of that kind. Also, they have the tendency to misinterpret some physical signs for example, if they have a headache, they think that they have a brain tumor, meaning that the main characteristic of their thinking is negative anticipation of future events. After they manage to learn how to think differently and expect positive outcomes, they will finally get rid of that terrible feeling of anxiousness.

Causes of anxiety

There are several factors that can trigger the anxiety. One of them is usage of certain medicines that can have anxiety as one of their possible side effects. Also, if someone had experienced trauma or any kind of extreme distress, they can show symptoms of anxiety. Loss of a loved one can result in this disorder, but there can exist biological reasons for anxiety, such as lack of some neurotransmitters in the brain and heredity. Excessive worry and prolonged stress can also be causes of anxiety.

The treatment of anxiety disorders

There are various treatments available such as counseling, psychotherapy, pharmacotherapy and change of some life habits. Counseling is widely used and very helpful for reducing anxiety levels. The most popular counseling therapy is cognitive-behavioral therapy, also known as CBT, during which a therapist teaches a client how to change negative thinking into positive. Psychotherapy is performed by a professional and the aim is to find out exactly what caused the anxiety. Here a client should, with the help of the therapist, find the right way to fight against these negative feelings. Medications are used to relieve the symptoms of anxiety, but they cannot cure it. It is also important for sufferers to get enough sleep, to work out, to talk to a professional, not to use drugs or alcohol, and to avoid caffeine and sugar.

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