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Starting solid foods with your baby is very exciting! But it can be hard to decide what foods to start with first, and when and the way in which to introduce them can present a dilemma as well. Whether you decide to opt for baby-led weaning, or start with purees from the store or your own kitchen, what are some good first solid foods for babies?

Recent research into introducing solid foods to infants suggests that it is optimal to wait until six months before giving your baby non-milk foods, because of gut maturity. The times of starting rice cereal at four months are slowly disappearing, although it is still possible to find pediatricians you will recommend that you do exactly that. You might like to read New study warns against early solids for babies for more info.

Some good indications to show your baby is ready for solid foods are the baby being able to sit up independently (usually at six months), the baby being interested in food, no longer having the reflex to expel food from the mouth with their tongue and being able to grab foods between their fingers (pincher grip). Introducing one new food at the time is plenty interesting and tasty for a new eater, and some good foods to start with include avocado, banana, sweet potato, pears, apples, and rice. If you are practicing baby-led weaning, it is often possible to set aside a part of your family's regular meal for your baby. Avoid spices and seasoning to start with.

Many experts also recommend that you try to find a good balance between hearty tastes and fruits. Some say that offering only fruits to start with will result in your child developing a sweet tooth to last a lifetime! Above all, don't stress it and have fun! Introducing solid foods is a messy adventure, and your baby will reject some of the foods you offer. As time goes on, solid foods will become a larger part of your baby's diet. Hopefully, the transition will be stress-free and a pleasurable experience for all involved!

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