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Victoria and David Beckham are expecting their fourth child this summer! The couple already have three gorgeous sons who are 11, eight and five years old. The couple announced their pregnancy over the weekend, and are of course said to be delighted. They had been keen to have another baby for quite a while. Though Victoria said she was hoping for a girl (before she got pregnant), she also commented that the chances were probably slim after three boys. Congratulations to the Beckhams!

Victoria and David Beckham are now 36 and 35 years old respectively. The former Spice Girl told the press on a few occasions that she was really hoping to be blessed with another little one. "It s a lot having three boys. So, we re just enjoying the boys at the moment. But who knows, one day?" she said last summer, adding that the chances for having a girl were probably "quite slim". Regardless of the gender of the new Beckham baby, we​ are sure that it will be yet another stunning little person!

This time, Posh Spice will not be pregnant on her own. Emma Bunton, "Baby Spice", is also currently pregnant and expecting her second child. Victoria Beckham commented that she "loved giving birth" at one point, despite actually having three cesarean sections. Some even claim that Posh Spice was the inspiration for that infamous phrase "too posh to push" that describes affluent mothers having elective c-sections, not for medical reasons. I have no idea why Posh Spice had c-sections (and will be having yet another one), and frankly it is none of our business either. I do wonder if that phrase can actually be traced back to her, though?

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