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According to recent research, there are expectant mothers who keep on smoking throughout their pregnancy to have a smaller baby, and they think that leads to a smoother delivery (Don't believe me? Read Smoking for an easier birth? Don't do it!). Now the latest news is about a perceived trend called Mommyrexia, where women aim to stay as thin as possible while they are expecting a baby, and are not gaining enough weight to sustain a healthy pregnancy.

News reports about this "phenomenon" have appeared at all kinds of media outlets. CNN reported that Mommyrexia is a serious problem that can lead to birth defects and low birth weight babies as well as health implications for mothers. The obstetrician they interviewed made her view very clear, and said that women who eat healthily and have a normal weight gain usually lose it soon after pregnancy. Most of the weight is lost during the birthing process, she said. According to journalists writing about mothers who are desperate to stay thin during the nine months of pregnancy, the trend is caused by women trying to look like pregnant celebrities like Victoria Beckham (who, we must note, chose the bizarre name Harper Seven for her new baby girl!).

I don't know about that, I guess women like that exist. As for me, I lost all my pregnancy weight right with the birth and was very thin throughout both my pregnancies. It wasn't because I wanted to "thin it like Beckham", though. I am just like that, and I was eating like a pig. I would have hated to be accused of Mommyrexia just because I am naturally thin. It is just as bad as discrimination against overweight women. As long as your pregnancy is healthy and you are eating right, I don't think anyone has the right to make judgments! What do you think?

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