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When you buy a medication or drug, you will get on the bottlea list of possible side effects, both mild and serious ones. This is a usualpractice and this information is present with every prescription drug. Also,there are warnings on how to avoid serious complications, possibleinteractions, as well as info on the proper use of the drug. There are so many possibleside effects that can occur after simultaneous use of acetaminophen,hydrocodone and Vicodin, and their intensity will vary from case to case.Several factors, such as the amount of time needed for the drug to metabolize inthe body, will determine the severity of the side effects. Just like any otherdrug, side effects associated with the use of Vicodin are mild, while some arevery serious.

Side Effects

Some of the most common side effects of the Vicodin abuse are allergicreactions and constipation. Constipation has to be treated because it can leadto serious problems, while problems such as throat closing, breathing problems,face or throat swelling and rash are the symptoms of allergic reaction. Blurredvision, vomiting, nausea and sleeping problems can also be caused by Vicodin.If you suffer from an overdose, you will experience dark urine, weakness in themuscles, sweating and fainting. There are many other symptoms of overdose with Vicodin, and some of them are coma, weak pulse, confusion, and extreme drowsiness.


Like we have said earlier, there are some very serious side effects associatedwith the use of Vicodin, so you have to do everything you can to avoid this. The first thing you have to do is to follow the instructions to the letter.Remember never to change the dose and mix alcohol and Vicodin since this canlead to slowed breathing. Also, if you use sleeping pills, allergy medications,narcotics or alcohol along with Vicodin, you may experience aggravateddrowsiness and dizziness. There are two very serious side effects of Vicodinand they are addiction and dependence, and both of them will require serious treatmentand cause great problems during the withdrawal phrase.

Weismann Method

The ANR, or the accelerated Neuro-Regulation, can be done with the use of thismethod if you have an addiction problem due to use of Vicodin. Weismann methodincludes the use of medications that will eliminate Vicodin from your system, and this is a very fast andefficient method, which provides results in a matter of days. Also, there is aDomus Retreat aftercare facility, which will make the recovery even easier.

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