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Geritol is a brand of complex multivitamin supplements which has added iron and is manufactured by Glaxo-Smith-Kline. The supplement is available in either liquid or tablet form, and has an iron content of between 9.5 mg and 16 mg in tablets and liquid has 18 mg. There have been many stories which highlight women using Geritol to get pregnant and people wonder if it is true or not. The rumors about Geritol helping a woman with an issue of how to get pregnant have been refuted by the manufacturer who states no such claim is valid. There is however, evidence from a medical study funded by Harvard University which states that iron supplementation does in fact increase a woman s ability to become pregnant. Women that consume regular iron supplements have a lower risk of ovulation-related infertility than women who do not. It is believed that iron supplements such as Geritol can help improve the quality of a female s cervical mucus and increase the chances of pregnancy for women trying to conceive. While the question of Geritol and fertility are still in dispute, there is no scientific evidence to suggest it is unsafe. For women that have anemia and are trying to become pregnant, prenatal supplements can be highly beneficial. Because pregnant women are slightly subjected to nutritional deficiencies, vitamin supplements can be a good addition to the daily diet. Most physicians recommend a good prenatal vitamin with added iron, along with a healthy and balanced diet is exactly what a woman needs the most during pregnancy.

Geritol is a multivitamin which contains iron and can be used as part of supplementation in the diet of a pregnant woman to ensure nutritional requirements are being met on a daily basis. While there is no evidence to suggest that using Geritol to get pregnant can improve the odds, there is nothing to the opposite which exists either. Many supplements have the potential for creating side effects, but Geritol may be better tolerated than other prenatal vitamins. A woman should never take any medications prior to discussing the risks and benefits with a physician, in order to have a healthy and complication-free pregnancy and childbirth experience.

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