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Our body is ourtemple and we should treat it as such. Of course, this only happens when thatsame body is in danger because of some injury or illness and that is when wereally do all we can in order to become healthy again. Preventing medicalproblems is one of the most important things that need to be done in order tomaintain a healthy state of the body. How to achieve that?


Many will say thathow healthy we are depends on what we eat. Therefore, it is very important to eat healthy, and not more than needed. Ofcourse, from time to time a person can treat himself with a piece of cake, orwhichever unhealthy food is favorite, but really only from time to time. Exercisingis very important part of being healthy because it creates several greatbenefits for our body. There are boosted immune system, enhanced digestive andrespiratory systems, increased libido and energy, less fat cells, strongermuscles, more attractive body etc. Weight reduction is very important becauseit does not only have the mentioned benefits, but many more, which are not obvious atfirst glance. For example, reducing the stomach and fat tissue in the abdominalarea alleviates the pressure put on the spinal column and that also decreasesrisk of getting affected by some back injury.

The back area

When it comes tohealth, people do not think much of the things like spinal column position,pressure that is put on it, proper posture etc. This means that there are so manythings that need to be done in order to say – yes, we are healthy. Understanding spinalcolumn is something that should be done for keeping it in check. Spinal columnis made of vertebra, bone structures that are connected with each other andthat are starting points for many nerves that travel throughout the body. Also,there is a form called spinal cord, essential for major neurologicalfunctioning. If the spinal cord is injured, a lot of medical problems can occurthat cannot be easily eliminated, if at all. Also, vertebra bones are prone toinjuries and should be guarded. Vertebrae problems can also cause some medicalissues, but not so serious as those that come from an injured spinal cord. Still,it is important to emphasize that spinal cord must be preserved at all cost.All of its parts are essential for normal functioning of the organism, and ifsomething bad happens, consequences might be very harsh and without a chancefor a full recovery.

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