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Ulcers are caused by bacteria not by the general stereotypes such as spicy foods and alcohol, though they can help the cause as well.

It is true that living an unhealthy lifestyle will increase a person’s chances of developing an ulcer.

An ulcer, by definition, is an open sore on the surface of an organ or tissue. It is most common which occurs in the esophagus, stomach and duodenum, in which case they are referred to as peptic ulcers, which about five million Americans have.

The problem starts with a spiral germ that digs a hole into the stomach. The bacteria that causes this, commonly known as H. pylori, is found in half of all people under 60 years old living in America.

There are things that can promote the ulcer as well, other than the bacteria. For example, overusing painkillers such as Aspirin for a long period of time can increase the chances of developing a serious ulcer.

Heredity also plays a major role. People with family histories of ulcers are much more prone to develop one, as well as people with type O blood.

Cancers are such as stomach and pancreatic cancers, can also help in creating these sores in the stomach lining.

There are effective home remedies for ulcer, however. Milk is an excellent one. Many believe that the milk coats the stomach and by doing so, soothes the effects of the ulcer.

Yellowroot is a very strong natural antibiotic and it attacks the bacteria that are causing the problem. It is great because it not only relieves the pain, but also fights the cause of the ulcer.

Even though taking too many can provoke an ulcer, Aspirin and similar painkillers can help to ease the symptoms.

Taking a teaspoon of olive oil three times a day is also very good for the condition.

Licorice also works to heal the stomach. It contains properties that will reinforce the protective lining of the stomach, making it harder for the bacteria to eat away at it.

Bananas soothe the digestive system and it is a good idea to eat bananas three times a day if a person has an ulcer.

Just like yellow root, ginger also has antibacterial properties.

Cat claw has strong anti-inflammatory properties and soothes the tissue that is affected by the ulcer. It can also reduce effects of stomach cancer.

Raw cabbage juice is another great home remedy. Add some celery to the mix and enjoy a great tasting juice with a lot of health benefits. If the taste is still unpleasant, the active compound of cabbage, glutamine, is available in pill form as well.

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