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There is an easy way tofind out if your baby has a fever. You only have to feel your baby’s forehead,and if it is hotter than usually, then your baby has a fever. Temperature that isnormal for a baby is 97-100.4 degrees Fahrenheit (36-38 degrees Celsius). Thebest time to call a doctor is probably when you think that there is somethingwrong with your baby. If your baby has a fever, it is a sign that his or herbody if fighting against some infection. A high fever does not have to be anindicator that your baby has a fever. It is a fact that temperature raises inthe late afternoon and early evening, so that is the time when doctors havetheir hands full of work.

Pediatricians give us aguideline, so that we know if our baby has a temperature.

The most usual symptomsof high temperature in a baby are to be described in the following text. If ababy is under six months, and has a high temperature (100.4ºF), a doctor mustbe called as soon as possible. Just the same, if a baby is over 6 months oldand has a 103ºF, a doctor should be called. First, a doctor asks you what kindof symptoms your baby has. By telling him everything that you notice, you canmake it easier for a doctor to set diagnosis.


There are some symptomswhich suggest that you should immediately go to the doctor, such as red dots on skin anddifficulty in breathing (which indicates pneumonia or bronchitis). Ibuprofen(not for babies under 6 months) or acetaminophen is used to decrease bodytemperature. The dosage of medicine depends upon baby’s body weight. It isimportant to give the right amount of the prescribed medicine. Aspirin is notto be given to a baby, because it makes a child liable to Reye's syndrome. Itis necessary to mention that you should not give to your baby any kind ofmedicine unless it is prescribed by a doctor. There is a possibility that thecough over-the-counter medicines contain ibuprofen and that amount of medicinewould be too much for a baby. There are some home treatment possibilities for reducingyour baby’s body temperature, like sponging with lukewarm water.

If your baby has aseizure, it can be terrifying, but it happens, so try to help your baby bylying her on side. Medicines which reduce fever are only intended for temperature, so thetemperature of your baby may come back. It could mean that the baby's body isn’t cleanof infection, it is still fighting.

Fever can be a symptomof a variety of diseases, from cough to meningitis. If you notice any signs offever in your baby, do not hesitate; take her straight to the nearest doctor.

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