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One of the most serious back issues that a person can develop is disk hernia. Disk hernia is a condition when one of the spinal discs gets damaged and begins to swell. Spinal disk acts like a cushion separating each vertebra in the spine. It consists of two parts. One is the outer, strong covering called annulus and the other inner, jelly like center called the nucleus. The nucleus stores oxygen and nutrients for the disk to stay healthy. When the disk is herniated, the outer layer is damaged and the inner begins to shift where the disk is injured. This causes swelling and pressure on the surrounding nerves. The pain is actually caused bay that pressure on the nerves. The disk itself contains no pain receptors. If they did, a person would feel pain at every movement because they are designed to absorb shock from the movement. It would not be a pleasant life. Many people take painkillers to relive the pain. That is good only for a short term though because it does not treat the swelling disk. It just block pain sensations in the nerves. Three easy steps to help oneself

First thing a person should do is apply ice on the area. It is a very simple way to relive the pain. Ice should be applied in sessions of 15 minutes with an hour break for 3-4 times a day. After 4-5 days most people notice a difference in the pain level. Ice is a good aid because calms the heat and the swelling of the aggravated area caused by inflammation in the disk. Ice is a good way to relive pain during the day.

To help oneself for the night, one can apply a pain gel that contains that has herbal remedy called ilex. These gels cool the body in a similar way as does the ice. In that way, one can sleep for at least 4-5 hours.

Exercise is a good way to help the healing process. For this simple exercise a therapy ball is needed. One just has to sit on the ball and bounce for 5 minutes a day. This is beneficial because the disks of the spine does not receive a very good blood supply. The only way to bring nutrients to the nucleus inside the disk is to physically pump the disks of the spine. That is way this exercise is so important.

These three simple steps can help the process of alleviating the pain of the herniated disks.

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