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Toddler not sleeping through the night

Raising a child is one of the most joyful jobs in the world, but also a job that can create a lot of stress in the process. Why is that? Babies and toddlers simply cannot explain if there is something wrong with them. All they can do is cry, and non-stop crying does induce additional stress, especially if parents are not sure what is going on. Therefore, the parents have to be on a constant alert when it comes to their child’s health.


Toddlers not sleeping through the night can create a nightmare for the parents. Babies and toddlers need a lot of sleep in order to grow properly and sleep deprivation simply cannot happen to them. So, when it does happen, it is very important to quickly discover and eliminate the cause of it. Sometimes, it might be some really benign thing, like a diaper squeezing too much, but if the sleeping problems continue for several nights, something has to be done.


Sometimes, a child simply sleeps too much over a day and of course, it cannot sleep properly during night. This usually happens when a child is awakened before the usual getup time (because of going to a regular medical checkup, for example). When the sleeping pattern is disturbed, it will take some time to return it to the previous state. Nightmares can also be the cause of sleeping issues, so therefore, TV and scary stories before the bedtime must be avoided. Room temperature should also be in a proper range, and also some small light could be used in a room. There are additional, a bit more dangerous causes. Perhaps meals are not sufficient, or they are simply too much for a child, especially in the evening. If a child is under some therapy with medications, sometimes side effects may occur. There might be some emotional issues a child cannot deal with and expresses it through sleeping disturbance.

Whatever the cause, it has to be eliminated because the child really needs a proper sleeping pattern. If parents cannot find out what is really going on, then going to a doctor is something that has to be done. As previously mentioned, it might be something not problematic at all, and if that is the case, removing the cause is easy. But there might be some danger in those sleeping issues regarding a child’s health, and in those rare cases, immediate and effective action needs to take place.  

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