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It is very importantto be healthy, and to keep all the systems in our body healthy. Sadly, the some peopledo not think much of the medical prevention, thus exposing themselves to certainmedical conditions that could have been easily avoided if some preventionwas used.

Preventing and notpreventing

There are simply notenough strong words to emphasize the importance of a proper health prevention. Simpleexample is eating. Eat healthy and within normal range (when it comes to theamount) and the body weight will be ok, and some things like heart problems,diabetes and depression are avoided (at least from obesity as a cause). Ofcourse, this is a lot easier said than done, but it is something that needs tobe done for the health to be constantly present. Another example is more serious one.We are talking about STD, sexual transmitted diseases. Those conditions canprove to be very dangerous if left untreated and applying health preventionhere is of utmost importance. This means that STD testing cost is actually ofno importance, it is something that needs to be done if someone suspects thereis STD in the organism present.


There is one littlething that can solve almost all problems related to STD, by simply not allowingSTD to happen in the first place. And that is the use of condoms all the time,without any exceptions, for both men and women. And we are not talking about medicalconditions only; there is also a situation that involves pregnancy, which canhappen with the unsafe sex. As for STD, those are conditions that aretransmitted with the exchange of the body fluids. The problem is that sometimes some peopleare usually not even aware of the existing problem. This is particularlyemphasized in men, since there are simply no symptoms, no itching, redness etc. Thismeans that a sexual partner can get affected without even knowing it. Also, wecan say that more or less, all STD can be dealt with modern medicine. All butone.


This is the mainreason why prevention has to be included in sexual intercourse. Only if partners trusteach other and have undergone medical examination, no prevention is needed. Inall other situations, prevention is needed, and the use of condoms is stronglyrecommended. Only a condom can successfully prevent the occurrence of STD and HIVtoo. As previously said, STD can be dealt with, but HIV is something else. Itcan stay dormant in a person's body and become active at any moment. It worksby disabling the immune system of the patient, which makes a patient not able todefend from simple medical problems, like flu. And that leads to a tragic end.

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