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Acid reflux disease is condition where sphincter of esophagusdoes not function properly and this is why content of the stomach returns to esophagus.This condition usually affects lower third of esophagus. There are severalfactors that might lead to this problem (genetics, obesity, diaphragm, herniasand other). Acid reflux usually starts right after the meals, so it is recommendedthat the person walks a bit, when meal is taken. Unfortunately, there is a strongconnection between acid reflux disease and malign tumor.

Acid reflux

Basically, lower part of esophagus is where HCL stomach endsup. In that moment, a person feels regurgitation and there is usually heartburntoo. As a result of this, HCL damages the surface layers in esophagus. In the beginning,these are small lesions, but if this continues, scar tissue might emerge. Thisis the place where ulcers might appear too. Long-term acid reflux disease willlead to ulcers, esophagitis and chronic esophagitis. If acid reflux disease isnot eliminated in time, cancer will occur. Symptoms of this condition areproblematic swallowing; there is feeling of food slowly passing through esophagus,pain behind sternum etc. Pain intensifies right after food is taken in. These symptomsshould not be ignored, a doctor should be visited right away.

Progression of cancer

This type of cancer has four stages and the first is occurrence ofmalign cells in the scar tissue of esophagus. The second stage is spread of malign cellsto other parts of esophagus. The third stage includes a possibility of rupture ofscarred tissue of esophagus. In this situation, excretion of HCL in mediastinum(thorax) is possible. The fourth stagestarts when malign cells begin to spread to other organs via blood and lymph.This stage, unfortunately, carries the smallest possibility for a completerecovery.

When treating a cancer, there are several types of therapy and thoseare cytostatics therapy, radio therapy and surgery. Of course, the best thing wouldbe if the cancer did not show up in the first place. This happens with normal,healthy eating, which includes consummation of vegetables, fruits and fibers. Itdoes not have to be mentioned that smoking and alcohol should be thrown awayfrom the life of a person, completely. Occasional drinking and smoking isn’t dangerous,we are talking about hard core players, those who have at least a decade ofusing bad habits behind them.

Whatever happens in the end, it is obvious that living witha cancer is not easy. Therefore, there are many helping options for suchpatients, whether in the form of therapy or individual sessions.

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