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Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is recording that about 41 % of people in whole world is affected by malaria. This contagious illness takes lives of over one million people. Medicament quinine sulfate is what the doctors are using and depend on when curing malaria. Quinine is effective and successful but there is a possibility that some reactions occur such as allergies.

The very first amount of quinine, typically causes allergic reaction, but after a while there are no allergic reactions. Once quinine is in your blood, your organism misinterprets it for foreign body and makes antibodies. Only one prescription of quinine is sufficient to start the reaction. Nevertheless you must take many of them before opposing allergic reaction begins. All of that time antibodies are growing inside of your body and at the end your immune system is activated by presence of quinine and produces histamines. Later on your immunity system will recognize the difference between histamines and the quinine. At this point allergic symptoms is starting.

Numerous symptoms are known with quinine allergy. Diarrhea, nausea, vomiting and abdominal cramping are gastrointestinal symptoms. Also, lots of patients have cardiovascular and respiratory side effects as wheezing while breathing, difficulty with breathing, shortness of breath, coughing, and heart palpitations. Other experience psychological or neurological symptoms like confusion, fainting, anxiety. Also other possibilities are redness and swelling, itching and swelling of the face.

There are some situations when quinine allergy may become great risk. Losing consciousness or even anaphylactic shock because of the reaction is true danger. Reasonable for enlargement is due to the inflammation of extremities and throat, angioedema, may occur. Stevens-Johnson syndrome, very serious and life-threatening skin disease may be the result in some patients.

Additional symptoms of this skin reaction contain red patches where skin is gone and flash can be seen, also high fever and skin rash all over genitals. The treatment for a quinine allergy contains actions of giving the shot of epinephrine to stop the reaction of the immune system. Activated charcoal is controlled and after pumping of the stomach diuretics could be consumed to eliminate quinine from your body.
In cases of allergic reaction to mefloquine, a very big possibility is that there is allergic reaction to quinine also. At the end if deficiency of white blood cells, hemolytic-uremic syndrome or Blackwater fever as long as you are using mefloquine occur you are facing allergic reaction to the quinine.

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