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Pancreas is largest organ in our body and it plays a crucially important role in our well been and health. Firstly it produces all kind of enzymes and digestive fluids and juices into our intestines in order to help our digestion by helping the nutritional elements in the food to be absorbed through the intestine walls and into our blood stream and whole body.

Second very important role is production of hormone called insulin which is hormone responsible for maintaining of blood sugar level. Blood sugar is the main “fuel” of the body and without insulin body has not enough energy.

There are several most common pancreas disorders. Any disorder of pancreas endangers the whole body. These disorders can be identified by the symptoms they produce. Here is a list of such possible pancreas problems;

Diabetes mellitusPancreatic cancerPancreatic tumorChronic pancreatitisAcute pancreatitis

Although some of the symptoms may be common or misleading, it is very important to diagnose any potential pancreatic disorder precisely. Abdominal pain is the common symptom of all the pancreatitis disorders. Abdominal pain may be severe and sudden. If the abdominal pain appears after a meal, than it is a sure sign of pancreatic problems.

Another common symptom for all kinds of pancreatic disorders is increased pain in cases when person is lying down on the back. Also there are many associated disorders; most common of them may be liver problems. Here is a description of some of the symptoms of most common pancreas diseases.

Symptoms of acute pancreatitis, which is a case of swollen pancreas may be hereditary factors presence of blood fats trauma over consumption of drugs or alcohol, pain in the abdominal area, gallbladder disorder, etc.

Symptoms of chronic pancreatitis are similar to acute one but in addition they also may be vomiting, dehydration, low blood pressure, fever, rapid pulse rate, loss of weight and malabsorption. Malabsorption occurs in cases when pancreas stops releasing enzymes and digestive fluids, due to disorder of some kind, and as a result food in not processed and malnourishment and malabsorption occurs as a result.

Symptoms of pancreatic cancer may vary depending of the location that is affected by cancer and stage the illness is. Common symptoms for early stages of pancreatic cancer may be stomach ache, loss of weight, loss of appetite, jaundice, backache, itch in the various body parts, frequent fevers, etc.

Jaundice is the most important symptom because it is characteristic for this illness otherwise all other symptoms may be confused fro something elseand taken lightly.

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