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Dehydration is mainly caused by vomiting, diarrhea, blood loss, malnutrition, and plain old failure to stock up liquids missing from sweating and urination which basically means not drinking enough water.

Acute dehydration can be triggered by plenty of illnesses and diseases as a result of the increased body temperature and sweating that typically occurs. Your body uses fluids to drive out toxins as well as to keep your system lubricated.

The Symptoms of Dehydration

Thirst is more often than not the first symptom and then grow to more demonstrations as the need for water becomes more extreme. When the body has lost approximately 2% of it's total fluid is when the first signs can be noticed such as:

Weakness Chills Thirst Loss of Appetite Dark Colored Urine Dry Mouth Dry Skin Skin Flushing

When the full fluid loss reaches 5% the symptoms will change to:

Increased heart rate intense fatigue Muscle cramps Headachesraised respiration amplified body temperature reduced sweating Decreased urination Tingling of the limbsNausea

As soon as the body reaches 10% fluid loss emergency help is required.

Racing pulse withered skin Muscle spasms Vomiting faint vision Painful urination puzzlement

Symptoms of dehydration will vary from each person as the body is a compound network of systems. Age will also play a part in the demonstration of symptoms. The warnings of dehydration in a child differ than those in adult or in the elderly. Preventing dehydration is the best you can do.

Treatment for Dehydration

Rehydration is logically the best and most effective way of treating dehydration.

Electrolytes will also have been lost so it is very important to refill them as well as the water. Sodium and potassium salts are usually found in sports drinks like Gatorade. A shortage of electrolytes in the body can hinder with the chemical reactions needed for healthy cell operation and is known as water intoxication.

If an individual is exhibiting minor symptoms give them copiousness amounts of water and let them drink it very slowly, in small sipsIf Gatorade is not available, slowly replenish the body’s liquids with water and follow that up after symptoms have subsided with a little salty snack.

If a human being is showing more harsh symptoms of dehydration, call medical help immediately.

Prevention of Dehydration

It is usual that person looses between two and three litres of water per day. This number will enlarge or decrease based on the types of activities that a person is doing. To avoid dehydration you simply need to stock up the liquids that are lost throughout the day.

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