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Gastritis is inflammation of mucous membrane of the stomach. There are numerous factors that leads to this rather annoying, painful and unpleasant condition. For example a variety of medications can be responsible for gastritis. This includes Aspirin and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Corticosteroids and chemotherapeutics also lead to gastritis. Additionally it may develop due to chronic alcoholism and ingestion of certain poisons. Infections especially bacterial lead to gastritis. As for bacteria Helicobacter Pylori is established to be one of the leading causes of the disease. Nowadays people live under permanent stress. The nervousness and anxiety are major contributors to gastritis.

Gastritis can be classified as acute or chronic depending on the course of the disease. Unlike the chronic gastritis in acute form of the disease symptoms develop rapidly. Both of these are potential for further development of stomach ulcers with possible consequent complications (bleeding from ulcers or even perforation). Still if treatment is conducted on time the disease can be brought under control.

The symptoms of the disease are basically similar to symptoms of majority of the gastrointestinal diseases. The pain is regularly present. It may be characterized as burning or even tearing. Pain does not have to be so severe. Still in majority of cases it is described as sharp or stabbing. It is mainly located below the breast bone but it can also irradiate towards belly button. Sometimes the pain spreads to the back. It does not change its intensity in case that a person changes position.

Eating disturbances are present as well. One loses appetite, eats less and feels constant nausea. Even vomiting may occur. After the meal the stomach is bloated and a patient may feel as if he/ she has swallowed a brick. The pressure within stomach is increased which leads to abnormal belching. All of the previously mentioned leads to obvious weight loss.

In acute form of the disease symptoms mainly includes sharp and sudden pain together with nausea. In chronic gastritis one experiences dull and tedious pain together with permanent feeling of bloating and loss of appetite.

In rather rare occasions acute gastritis may lead to minor bleeding. Still if one notices the brown or coffee like coloration of the vomit mass he/ she must visit a doctor as soon as possible since the bleeding in this case may be more severe.

In some cases the condition can be prevented. So people who are prescribed medications which may cause gastritis must take additional drugs which will take care and protect gastric surface. Additionally one should learn how to cope with stressful situations.

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