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Even though anklefractures are very frequent, they are often difficult to identify. It is recommended to seek professional medicalassistance to take care of the injury. The indicator for an ankle injury may,among other things, be difficulties in movement and pain. It is not easy todifferentiate between a fractured ankle and a sprained ankle, for example, thusit is recommended to have an x-ray examination. Ankle fractures represent generallythe most frequent foot injury.

The ankleconsists of the tibia, fibula and malleoli, three bones joined together. Normal movementof the leg is enabled thanks to synovium, liquid contained in a membrane.

If too muchpressure is put on the ankle joint, itgets hurt, and if the bone snaps, the ankle is broken which may cause severepain.

Ankles can easilybe broken if they are turned on the inside or outside, sprained or folded orstretched sharply. This can also happen when leaping or putting a lot ofpressure on the ankle.

It is usually easilydiscernible if an ankle is broken or injured, the most prominent symptom beingthe pain which prevents one from making normal leg movements. However, pain is oftennot felt in the injured area, usually it is possible to detect it in otherfractures of the foot or knee.

Swollen ankles areanother symptom, indicating a likely tissue injury entailing hemarthrosis, a liquid,typically blood, around the ankle.

Bruises arelikely to appear after a while, extendingdown to the top of the foot.

Bones are usuallyabnormally distorted around the ankles, which is another sign of a fracture.

When nerves andblood vessels are damaged, the pain increases and the skin is pale since theleg is not supplied with enough blood. Injuries should be fastened, and oneshould avoid strenuous physical work. It takes about a month or two for the wound tocure, and another couple of months in order to get better.

Most simple fractures can successfully be healedwith immobilization and non-weight-bearing activity.

A person can expect most ankle fractures to recoverdepending on how severe they are. Some can take four to eight weeks for the bones to healcompletely and up to several months to regain full use and range of motion inthe joint.

It is possible to develop arthritis after an ankle injury, especially if the initial injury was not treated properly at the start of the problem.

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