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Treating of hearing problems includes a few different procedures; these procedures are retreating the hearing. There are different surgical operations that can solve hearing problem. Ear surgery is called ‘microsurgery’ and is done with special microscope that reviews inside structure of the ear, ear surgery such as myringotomy, mastoidectomy, stapedectomy, tympanoplasty, myringoplasty etc...There are as well, other kind of procedures done to remove cholesteatoma-tumor in the ear, and also reconstructive surgery done for ear defects (i.e. congenital atresia).

Ear surgery is a serious surgery. Only ENT surgeon can perform ear surgery. But before any further step, doctor checks full medical background of patient. The surgery is having benefits and risks as well, especially if surgeon uses general anaesthetics.

There different kind of ear surgery and here is the list;

Myringotomy is procedure done only if patient have a persistent infections in the ear, infection like a glue ear, a viscous fluid in the ear drum. Surgeon makes a tiny incision in the ear drum to ease the tension due to an air pressure. Further step is a small tube inserted inside the ear drum to safe ear from infection.Stapedectomy: There are three tiny bones in the middle ear that are overgrown and that way prevent the normal passage of sound. The surgery replaces abnormalities with a prosthetic.Tympanoplasty reconstructing a damaged ear drum, that can be done with chronic infections of the ear.Mastoidectomy is a cutting off skin growth surgery or mastoiditis surgery, done only in case of unsuccessful medical treatment. If this infection spreads out to nearby areas, or to maybe brain, it can cause hearing loss for very long time. Myringoplasty is a surgery for damaged ear drum that fails to heal. Damaged ear can be caused by sudden loud noise, bad infection, foreign body inside of ear, or bursting a sharp object deeper into an ear. This surgery is only for ears that are not treated by itself. Surgeon cuts off a small part of skin from an ear area to pull it over ear drum.Grommets surgery is inserting a small teflon tube, the grommets, into an ear drum, in order to ease the pressure. Grommets treat chronic infections (glue ear and otitis media) of a middle ear. Infection of the ear causes a sticky and thick substance that increase air pressure. The condition can cause hearing loss. There are almost no risks with grommets: the grommet can fall out of the ear drum.

There are ways to keep grommets from falling out of the ear.

Keep water out of the ear. Wear protection for ear while swimming. Dry the ear from the water always.You can fly travel with plane safe with grommets, because grommets balance the air pressure.

Grommets fall out six months to two years after the surgery. It is a sign that ears are healthy and that hearing is back again.

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