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Issues of ear health

The statistics indicate that a large number of American citizens do not heed medical advice when it concerns the health of the ears, as 16 million experience a certain loss in hearing, while 12 million remain untreated.

Issues with hearing are commonly caused with problems relating to ear cleaning and hygiene. Many people generate excessive amounts of earwax that not only harms the hearing, but overtly self-cleaning, can also cause negative side effects. This is why such procedures should only be done either by a medical doctor.

Diseases of the ear and accompanying symptoms

If swimming in a pool that contains a large number of people, or is saturated with excessive amounts of chlorine, ears should be thoroughly cleaned, as failing to do so can cause otitis, or swimmer's ear – a non-severe ailment that is treated with antibiotics when needed.

Damage to the protective membrane known as the eardrum is also an issue, usually caused by infection, puttings things, such as Q-tips, inside the ear canal or getting struck in the head. Symptoms of this condition include hearing loss, dizziness, nausea and vomiting. Surgical procedures might be required in case the size of the breach is too extensive.

Ear infection is highly usual with kids. Every other American child tends to experience ear infection by the age of two. As the cause varies from flu, measles, nose or throat infections, antibiotics are by far the most commonly prescribed medicine, along with ear drainage. Fever, pain and loss of hearing are all common symptoms of ear infections.

Another issue can be Otosclerosis. It is inherited genetically and causes bone growth within the middle ear, with a minute bone known as the stapes, growing in response to sound, causing symptoms such as loss of hearing or tinnitus. It is difficult to recover from this condition if the growth gets to the inner ear, with surgery being the only successful form of prevention. This condition is more present in women aged 16 to 40 than in men of the same age.

A ringing, hissing, roaring or whining sound constantly perceived is a trademark of Tinnitus, a difficult ache that is caused as a by-product of damaged ear drums, middle ear issues and an accumulation of liquids, and it affects a large number (37 million) of people in America. Removing over-accumulated ear wax can be essential to preventing some forms of Tinnitus

Occasionally maladies such as thyroid malfunctions, anemia, arthritis, diabetes, allergies, infections, middle ear injuries, equilibrium and low blood pressure will cause the sounds, and the source must be identified for any treatment to be effective. Inner ear tinnitus is more severe, and it is caused by an issue with the cochlea (hearing center). Infections, circulatory disturbances or allergies may cause more inner ear fluid to be produced, resulting in inner ear tinnitus. Another cause can be pressure on the connecting nerve between the brain and the cochlea, usually caused by a tumor.

In the case of slight deafness or bouts of vertigo and balance loss, Meniere’s disease could be the cause. Usually affecting the elderly, this disease is a result of infections, allergies, stress or other issues altering the inner ear equilibrium. Medications, a change in the diet and surgical means are all methods of dealing with this issue.

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