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The consumption of sugar can be related with numerous different types of health problems, so because of that, the scientists have found different ways of producing a vast array of sugar substitutes. The most popular sugar substitutes are known by the names of aspartame and sucralose. It is a common misconception among a large number of people that by consuming sugar free products which contain one of these two substitute they actually choose a healthy option. Not that many people know that both aspartame and sucralose can also be associated with various different forms of health problems.
Difference Between Sucralose and Aspartame
Aspartame is a common ingredient in more than 6000 different types of foods and drinks while sucralose can be found in more than 4000 other sorts of drinks and foods. Aspartame is 200 times sweeter than regular sugar while sucralose is 600 times sweeter than natural sugar, so they only can be used in significantly small amounts. Aspartame can be broken down easily at higher temperatures so it cannot be used for baking and cooking, while sucralose remains stable at high temperatures so it can be used in the preparation of various baked or cooked goods. If aspartame gets exposed to high temperatures it usually leaves a bitter aftertaste because of its breakdown. The same thing happens with foods which contain aspartame if they get stored for too long. Sucralose is made by utilizing the selective chlorination method and it is derived from table sugar. Aspartame is a methyl type of ester of the dipeptide derived from certain types of natural amino acids, which are L-phenylalanine and L-aspartic acid. Both sweeteners come in the form of fine white powder. Sucralose may be dangerous because it is a chloride and a highly reactive element. Aspartame may be associated with the production of methanol, which may be highly toxic in certain situations. Aspartame contains only low amounts of calories, while sucralose does not contain any calories at all. Unlike aspartame, sucralose cannot be metabolized inside the human body. The biggest advantage of these sweeteners is that they contain only insignificant amounts of calories. Overeating of foods which contain these sweeteners still may cause obesity in numerous cases.
Brand Names
In the United States, aspartame is sold under NutraSweet brand name, while sucralose is commonly sold under the brand name Splenda. FDA did not ever find any medical evidence which would prove that these sweeteners are harmful for the overall health of the humans.

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