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Nobody wants to have spider veins on their legs mainly because they do not look nice. These veins are also called telangiectasias, and they are basically small blood vessels which are found near to the top of the skin.

What are Spider Veins

Spider veins are very small, normally about half a millimeter in thickness. These particular veins can show on just about anywhere on the human body, usually seen around the nose, on the cheeks and even on the chin area. When the veins appear on a person’s leg they are usually located on the upper thigh, underneath the knee joint and in the region of the ankles.

What are the Causes of Spider Veins on the Legs

The reason for getting spider veins on the legs has not been fully investigated. However it is thought that by having a weakness of the valves in the veins can cause a person to have poor circulation of their blood into the veins. This will in turn make the blood pool together making the wall of the vein weak in its structure thus showing as a bulging spider vein. If the veins have become inflamed this can also cause you to suffer with the unsightly spider veins as well as congenital abnormalities of a person’s veins. The spider veins can form at any time in a person’s life, although it is more often than not seen slightly in people between the ages of eighteen and thirty five and reaches full sight at the age of around fifty to sixty. The main cause of spider veins is pregnancy because of the hormone inflation. Life style choice can help towards the development of the spider vein, for example if you tend to sit or stand a lot. On top of all these reasons there are also indications that radiation, chemotherapy and any trauma to the skin can also cause spider veins to appear.

How to Get Clear of Spider Veins on the Legs

There is a procedure called sclerotherapy that is used for the treatment of spider veins on the legs. The procedure is done by injecting a liquid into the vessel, this particular liquid will irritate the inside of the vessel making it swell up and eventually clotting of the blood will occur. This will then turn into scar tissue and will be barely noticeable. In this treatment, you can have multiple vessels injected and for larger vessels you may need more than one treatment spaced out for a few months.

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