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Like every other substance, even soy can be allergy trigger.
Manifestation of soy allergy is disorder of digestive system, disorder of respiratory system, skin rush and similar. Those symptoms turn up after the consuming of the soy products.
Intolerance to soya products actually presents impossibility to digest the protein that soy foods contain. Soy and soy products contain over the fifteen different substances that can cause the intolerance. People in all ages can became soy intolerance, both children and adults, even the new born babies.
People that suffer soy intolerance can present the intolerance right away after the consuming of soya products, or a few hours later.
The symptoms among kids that are soy intolerant are more obvious-if the kids that suffer soy intolerance are small, they will cry all the time, and also they can start refuse to have any food or, in opposite, some of them will eat a lot as they feel better. Also the soy intolerance among children monitors diarrhea and bloody stools. There are also other symptoms like wheezing, swelling of the skin, ski rash, colic, irritability, etc.
Similar in children, also grownups can have the symptoms of soy intolerance, such as stomach pain, skin rush, vomiting, diarrhea etc. There are also not so typical symptoms for soy intolerance such as headache, dizziness, nervous, sweating, difficult breathing, tightness in chest and on skin, etc. The symptoms can be much complicated than mentioned. It all depends of level of intolerance or allergy. There are some well-known cases of the tongue and lips swelling in response to soy.
It is very important especially in case of difficulty breathing to consult a doctor. Some of the reactions can be very dangerous, especially for kids in development.
How to treat soy intolerance?
The treatment of soy intolerance will depend from the intensity of the symptoms. If the symptoms are light, you should not worry, because the symptoms will disappear for the most forty eight hours. Of course, if the symptoms are much harder, you should take some antihistamines. Actually, you can take any medicine that makes the relief of your condition. But, if your symptoms are difficulty in breathing or some bad swelling, you must seek for the medical help, otherwise the consequences can be fatalistic.
Unfortunately, there is no any kind of treatment of the soy intolerance. The only possible way to avoid unpleasantness is not to eat soy products if you noticed that you have any kind of reaction on it. So especially if you are parent, you should pay attention on your children diets.

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